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Celtic Society Holds Robert Burns Night

The Gold Country Celtic Society will be hosting the 21st annual Robert Burns Dinner on Saturday, January 21 in Nevada City’s historic Miners Foundry Cultural Center. (The first celebration of Robert Burns birth in Nevada City took place on Tuesday, January 25th, 1859.  

This year the Foundry’s Stone Hall, once again, will be richly decorated in the manner of an 18th century Scottish castle. Sample single-malt Scotch whiskey, or sip a glass of wine from a local Nevada County vintner. Diners will feast on haggis, the traditional Meal. Ron Cherry explains what the haggis is made of.

“Haggis is basically the poor man’s fare of Scotland. What they did is they took what was left. They took the kidneys, the liver, the lungs, things like that and they were all ground up and they were mixed with oatmeal and they were put in the stomach of a sheep, seasoned with salt and pepper and boiled.”

Representing the honored traditions of Robert Burns. Afterwards, guests will adjourn to the Great Hall to be entertained by the Trinity Ensemble and the Imladris Trio performing Celtic music in song and dance, again in honor of Scotland’s beloved bard. This is a special event, so formal or semi-formal Scottish attire, or other semi-formal apparel is appropriate .  Admission: $55. per person available at Nevada City Chamber of Commerce 132 Main Street or call Nancy Crapo 272-1316. 

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