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Cement Hill CDBG Grants on Tap at Supervisors Meeting Tomorrow

Residents of Cement Hill have been working on getting affordable NID treated water for almost 5 years. NID completed the project but some low income residents of the area were facing hardship paying the hookup and monthly assessment fees.   Cement Hill is in First District Supervisor Nate Beason’s area and at today’s (Tuesday)  Board of Supervisors meeting he has a request to approve $500 thousand dollars of Community Development Block Grant Funds to continue the Cement Hill community Facilities District Assessment Assistance Program. 

“People have got wells going bad, they’ve got wells that are losing capacity and so we’re trying to head off a problem before it occurs and I think we’ll be successful. I think it’ll be a real benefit to the community.”

A means survey is currently underway for residents of the Cement Hill area to determine which property owners will qualify for financial aid.

 Also on the Supervisors agenda today is an update from Superintendent of Schools Holly Hermanson on the value of arts in the schools, acceptance of $81 thousand dollars from the Wilson Family Trust for food and medical care of animals at the county animal shelter, and acceptance of $64, 424 support of the libraries in western Nevada County for calendar year 2012 from the Friends of Nevada County Libraries.

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