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Chain Installers Required to Have Background Checks

Sheriff Kieth Royal spoke before the county Board of supervisors to ask them to require chain installers to submit to background checks and fingerprinting to protect the public. Sheriff Keith Royal says the changes in the permit process involve putting on chains on car during the snow periods on county roads.  He says the majority of the county roads are too narrow to allow chain installers to work safely. He also says a finger print and background check will help keep people safe.

“So we’re going to now, require that the individuals be photographed and fingerprinted and do a criminal history check with the Department of Justice just to ensure that individuals who have a background of serious crime or fraud or are child molesters , that they be prohibited from installing.”

The Sheriff made his request to the Board of supervisors during their regular meeting today (Tuesday). Supervisor Lamphier felt the restrictions would limit people who had paid for their crimes and not allow them to earn a living. In a four to one vote the Sheriff’s requests were added to the ordinance.

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