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Charges File In Carbon Monoxide Deaths

Charges have been filed against a Truckee contractor for a home improvement project that led to two deaths. Nevada County Assistant District Attorney Anna Ferguson says Kurt Schoemig, the owner of Cedar Ridge Builders was hired to work on a  vacation house in Truckee last year, that included modifications to the heating system.  Schoemigs’ employee cut a furnace exhaust pipe as part of the project but Schoemig never finished the job, leaving the pipe to vent into the home when the heater came on.  Unfortunately, the homeowner and his friend visited the house on October 26th of last year  after turning on the furnace remotely with a cell phone application.  The homeowner and his friend were overcome by the gas and died shortly after entering the home due to carbon monoxide poisoning.
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Assistant DA Anna Ferguson has filed 1count  of Felony  involuntary manslaughter and other charges against Schoemig saying Schoemig played a substantial factor in causing these deaths. It’s a shame he did not pull a permit as required by law.
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Carbon Monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas produced in the burning of fossil fuels.  It is often referred to as the “Silent Killer” as people exposed to it often do not realize they are becoming overcome until it is too late.
Truckee Police Chief Adam McGill added that the Police Department and the Town Building Department are currently handing out free carbon monoxide alarms as a public service to residents of Truckee.

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