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Charley Hooper Runs for Assembly

Charley Hooper of Grass Valley has announced his candidacy for California State Assembly District 1 seat. Hooper, 51, has never held an elected government position; he is a pharmaceutical and biotech consultant and the author of “Making Great Decisions in Business and Life.” the self help and self published book. Hooper says he is a Libertarian and wants to restore personal freedom.

“I am a Libertarian and we feel that people should be free to make their own mistakes. People will make mistakes, but in general, will do the right thing. If you look around at the world, you’ll find that when people live with freedom, that everything just works better. It’s a more ethical system and more productive system.”

Hooper who is a charter council member for Bitney Springs College Prep High School, where one of his two boys attends, says the charter school model should be a model for education throughout the state.

“Teachers and the principal can really set up an educational system where they think the students will best learn. And I think that we need to take that kind of model and apply it across the whole state of California because the school system has become too big and bureaucratic and being controlled by the teachers’ union and I think it’s the students that we need to focus on and educate. I think the current system is not addressing the needs of the students.”

Republican Dan Logue, the current representative for the 3rd State Assembly district, recently moved to Lake Wildwood, making him eligible for the newly created District 1 seat following this year’s redistricting. Logue has not made his intentions known as to if he will run. Hooper moved to Grass Valley with his wife 13 years ago, the couple has 2 sons.

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