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Check Your Sump Pump

The rain is good for our reservoirs but there are some unforeseen problems with so much rain in such a short period of time. One of the problems is flooding and that includes under homes. Lindsey Marich with Mr. Rooter Plumbing had a customer last week that found out the hard way to double check that the sump pump is functioning properly.

“We installed a tankless water heater yesterday underneath a home. The sump pumps were working yesterday, but apparently they stopped working in the middle of the night and we got a call that the water heater wasn’t working abd we went back over to the residence and it was flooded up to the tankless water heater that we put in.”

Marich says the ground is saturated and water levels are rising so even if in past years you didn’t need to worry about water levels around your home, you may want to take a look now. Most home improvement and plumbing stores carry sump pumps and range in horse power and price. Katy at Hills Flat Lumber in Grass Valley said they have larger pumps of a half horse power and larger ranging in prices from $100 dollars and up; much cheaper than the clean up if your basement becomes flooded.

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