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Cheese Trail Leads to Attempted Burglary Suspects in LOP

Nevada County Sheriff’s received a 9-1-1- call around 2:30 Friday morning of an attempted burglary that was occurring in Lake of the Pines where two individuals were attempting to break into a vehicle. Sheriff Keith Royal says a deputy responded to the location in the 12 thousand block of Lakeshore North as the caller further described what was happening.

“The caller indicated that the two were trying to smash the window of a ’78 Beetle, trying to get into the vehicle, could hear them cussing and screaming at the widows because they couldn’t break them and they couldn’t get them open.”

When deputies arrived there was a short foot pursuit of the two individuals, identified as 19 year old Donald Garcia of Grass Valley and 19 year old Tyler Tarbert of Nevada City. Deputies noticed a strong smell of alcohol and marijuana and the sheriff says the suspects had left a trail.

“What we found, though, maybe because of nutritional issues, they were both trying to eat Kraft Singles, trying to keep their stamina up while they’re doing these burglaries. We kind of followed the trail of Kraft Singles and actually, it had lead back down the street to the party they had come from.”

After leaving the trail of cheese, Garcia and Tarbert were taken into custody for conspiracy to commit a crime, attempted burglary and other charges.

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