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Chief Seeks To Fill Vacant Admin Officer Position

Grass Valley Police Chief John Foster is asking the City Council for permission to fill a Captain position with a Lieutenant position.  Since the resignation of Captain Rex Marks on September 28th, the Police Department has had a vacant administrative position. Foster would like to fill that position from within.
Click here to listen to Chief John Foster

Marks helped mentor police officers to the rank of Sergeant, and Foster says at this time there is the opportunity to fill a management position from inside the organization instead of looking outside.
Click here to listen to Chief John Foster

There has not been a Lieutenant position  for an extended period of time, so a revised job description was prepared and approved by the personnel Commission.  The finance department conducted a salary analysis by comparing what other departments pay. Since the police Lieutenant salary is lower than a Captain, there would be a salary savings.  Foster says upon City Council’s approval, police staff will prepare a testing date for the Lieutenant position with an anticipated starting date in January 2014.

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