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Child Advocates Joins eBay for Donations

If you like to sell items on eBay, you can now help Child Advocates of Nevada County at the same time. Claudia Ellis with Child Advocates explains that sellers on eBay can donate a portion of their sales to Child Advocates of Nevada County as a member of the eBay charitable giving works program.

“A seller on eBay can go in when they list an item for sale, they can go in and say, ‘I want to give ten percent of whatever my item sells for to a charitable organization. They can go in and select Child Advocates to make that donation. The seller is the one that is making a donation from their sale to Child Advocates.”

Ellis says you can also donate items to child advocates to sell on eBay. The donations are tax deductable all proceeds go directly to benefit the Children of Nevada County. Child Advocates offers four programs for children of Nevada County; the Casa Program, Foothill Healthy Babies, Child Safety Puppeteers and Welcome Baby. To learn more about the programs or the new EBay charitable giving program, you can call the office at 265-9550 or the web site: caofnc.org.

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