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Child Molester Sentenced to Six Years

The Nevada County district Attorney’s office asked for and received a 6 year prison sentence for an accused child molester at his sentencing hearing in Nevada County Superior Court February 9th. Katy Francis was the prosecutor in the case against 63 year old Matrin Zane Fullmer who she says allegedly molested his daughter 28 years ago and more recently molested his two granddaughters.  Fullmer was facing one count of lewd and lascivious acts on a child younger than 14. Francis explains the other two cases were not charged.

“In our case, he was charged with molesting a little girl and she was nine years old at the time and 10 years old during the other incident. There were actually other victims which were not included in our case because of jurisdictional issues. One incident happened out of state and the other happened outside of the statute of limitations.”

Fullmer was sentenced by Judge Candice Heidelberger to 6 years in prison which was what the District Attorney’s office was asking for and Deputy DA Francis says it’s a totally appropriate sentence for this case.

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