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CHP Activity Result of Weekend Weather

The Highway Patrol says the weekend weather was a challenge to some drivers. A total of seven accidents were reported over the weekend–a  majority of them caused by people driving to fast in the wet weather. Officer Justin Barnthouse says the first wet weather brings the oil on the road to the surface; making the roads slick.
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The rain increases the stopping distance a car travels when the brakes are applied. Fortunately none of the weekend accident resulted in serious injury.
This weekend’s rainstorm may have caused a man in a four-wheel drive Jeep to lose control. C-H-P Officer Justin Barnthouse says the 58 year-old Grass Valley man was driving a 2009 Jeep when he lost control for a unknown reason near Pearson Road.
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The driver suffered moderate inures and was taken to Sierra Nevada Hospital for treatment. When the driver lost control, the jeep ended up on it’s roof. The accident remains under investigation.

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