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CHP and OTS Stress Motorcycle Safety

The California Highway Patrol and the Office of Traffic Safety are hoping to save lives through a month long motorcycle safety and awareness campaign during the Month of May. CHP Officer David Martinez says officers are noticing a disturbing trend.
Click here to listen to Officer Dave Martinez

Martinez says they want to make sure motorcycle riders wear a helmet and protective gear and use a D-O-T certified helmet, not one of those thin ones that can crack on impact.
Click here to listen to Officer Dave Martinez

With more than 1.3 million licensed motorcycle riders in California, Martinez says most drivers are likely to find themselves sharing the road with a motorcyclist on a regular basis. He says while lane splitting is still permitted in California, it needs to be done safely.
Click here to listen to Officer Dave Martinez

Martinez says by staying alert and using common sense and courtesy, drivers and riders alike can help to create a safer roadway environment.

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May 20, 2014

Don Dickerman

Seems to me everything being said by CHP has to be what the bikers need to do. Having been run of the road,tailgated,and had cars turn left in front of us, I believe we need better driver training to teach drivers to watch for motorcycles and to share the road.
Instead of trying to protect riders in an accident lets try to prevent the accident from happening.

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