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CHP Awaits New Facility

One of the people responsible for the planning of the new CHP Office on McCourtney Road will not get to move in. CHP Commander Lieutenant  David Qualls will be retiring before the new office is completed. The Lieutenant says the need for a new office is great.

Click here to listen to Office Qualls

The current office is over forty years old. Through a lease purchase agreement the CHP will pay a private developer for the use of the building. Solar panels on the building will allow the CHP to sell extra energy to PG&E to help defray the costs. The new plan will be the first of it’s kind for the CHP. The new office is scheduled to open March first. The building is scheduled to meet the needs of the CHP for fifty years.

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September 30, 2012


I don't understand why they couldn't have used the Weaver building and space...shoot DMV could probably have moved with them as well. Fill up the buildings that are already in existence instead of building new.

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