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CHP Investigating Multiple Hit and Run Accidents

The CHP is looking for the driver of a Silverado pickup who fled after a accident Friday evening. Officer Barnthouse says a 66 year old driver of a 1995 Buick was making a turn off McCourtney Road on to Mustang Valley Road. A Chevrolet Silverado pickup tried to pass the turning Buick. Officer Barnthouse says the driver of the pickup immediately fled from the accident scene.

Click here to listen to Officer Justin Barnthouse
The CHP is asking anyone with information about the accident to call their office. The pickup may have extensive damage to the front end.

In another hit and run,  a Honda Accord received significant damage when it collided with a big rig, Friday afternoon. CHP Officer Justin Barnthouse says the accident happened on Highway 49 near Smith Road Friday evening. Officer Barnhouse says a white Honda Accord was attempting to pass a Volvo big rig from Auburn. Officer Barnthouse says the Honda was attempting to pass in the left turn only lane, when the driver realized there was not enough room left for the passing maneuver.

Click her to listen to Officer Barnthouse

After the collision the driver of the Honda fled the scene. The Honda will have a large amount of black tire marks on the passenger side and could have significant damage because of the lug nuts on the truck strike the Honda. Anyone with information on the driver of the Honda is encouraged to contact the CHP at 273-4415.

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