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CHP Officer Injured During Arrest

A CHP officer was injured while trying to arrest a man who was under the influence of drugs and jumping in and out of traffic on Highway 49 near Old Downieville Highway Sunday evening.   Public Information Officer Marc Morrison says an Officer responded and found 23 year old Eric Dellsite jump into the path of the patrol car.

“The male pedestrian immediately became irate, would not comply with any of the officer’s questions or demands. He would not remove his hands from his pockets and so forth. When he did, he pulled out some keys and a pocket knife and threw them toward the officer. Again the officer tried to direct him toward the patrol car. The person continued to refuse and eventually charged at the officer.”

When Dellsite charged the officer, the officer tried to use his Tazer, but it malfunctioned. The suspect was pepper sprayed with only marginal success. A second officer arrived and the struggle to take the suspect into custody continued for several more minutes. Dellsite was taken into custody for suspicion of being under the influence of dangerous drugs and several counts of assaulting a officer. The Officer received numerous cuts to his body during the arrest. He was treated at Sierra Nevada Hospital.

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