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CHP Prioritizes Calls

The local CHP office is looking at prioritizing the calls they respond to. CHP Sergeant Mike Lawrence says with the retirements and off duty injures to the local CHP officers they may soon have to look at letting some of the calls for service wait until enough Officers are available.

“We’ve had a couple of issues come up with some retirements and also with some off-duty injuries to our employees, so our staffing levels are down. As other agencies go, things are going to have to be prioritized. Usually the responsibility for that is getting officers to the call is going to be on our dispatch center and they’re sometimes going to have to hold a call before we can get an officer to go out to it. This, of course, being non-emergency calls.”

Sergeant Lawrence says there are no other officers to fill the positions. The CHP academy does not have any cadets in their training program, so no officers are available to back fill for those officers who retire.  Each of the surrounding law enforcement agencies have already begun prioritizing of calls they respond to.

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