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CHP Reminds Driver that it is Deer Migration Season

A large number of dead and injured deer are being seen on the counties roads. CHP Officer Cindy Morgan says this is the season for deer to begin moving to their winter range. She also said if you see one of the deer there are very likely more very close by. Officer Morgan says slowing down and driving defensively will help.

“When you’re driving, especially at higher speeds on the highways, keep an eye out on the side of the road for deer. If you see them, slow down and if you see one, there should be more. If you are unfortunate enough to hit a deer, get your car off the roadway to a safe spot.”

The deer will be moving from the higher areas of the mountains to a warmer climate. The CHP always advises not to swerve to miss a deer. More injures and damage occurs when driver swerve to miss the animal.

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