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CHP Sets up Road Blocks for a Reason

The CHP says drivers in the local area had trouble keeping their cars on the road, during the recent rain and snow. On Wednesday fifteen reports were received of cars spun out, in minor accidents or simply ran off the road. Officer Justin Barnhouse wants to remind drivers that they should not try to get through CHP road closures as they are set up for a reason.

“I would just like to remind the public that generally, when we have our vehicles in the roadway, blocking with our lights on, that the road is incapable of being passed because of some type of hazard that we might be clearing or we might have another agency or other office like AT&T or PG&E clearing.”

Yesterday afternoon a big rig ran off the road at the Coyote Street off ramp, prompting the closure until the ramp could be cleared. A reminder is also issued to pull as far as you can to the left away from the emergency lights, and any time you windshield wipers are on, your head lights must be on.

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