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CHP to Crack Down at School Bus Stops

It seems local drivers are not getting the message when it comes to passing a school bus with flashing lights. C-H-P Public Information Officer Greg Tassone says an increasing number of complaints by bus drivers has prompted increased enforcement. Tassone says any time a school bus has it’s red lights on, drivers going in both directions must stop until the red lights are not flashing any longer.

Listen to Greg Tassone

The Highway Patrol is putting more officers near bus stops to catch drivers violating the law. In at least one situation, a driver proceeded through the flashing lights and the three cars behind that driver also decided to go through. All of the drivers were cited by the C-H-P officer sitting on the other side of the bus. Tassone says the safety of the children is the primary reason for the increased enforcement.


October 11, 2013

April Rust

What about crosswalks? Try getting across any street in GV with a blind four year old. Cars don't stop and if they do, they are on your heels.

October 11, 2013


In regards to the cars that drive through school bus red lights. Some states give the bus driver the authority to write down the license plate numbers of the offender, which then get turned over to the police who then submit the ticket.

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