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CHP Warns Drivers to Stop for School Bus Lights

Some area motorists may be putting children at risk by ignoring some driving laws.  According to CHP Public Information Officer Heather Blancharte bus drivers are reporting area drivers violating the flashing red lights law when they are picking up or dropping off children. Officer Blancarte says when the red lights on a bus are flashing motorists are required to stop in both directions.

“If you do pass it is a moving violation, but more importantly, there could be a last minute child trying to cross the street even after you’ve seen all of the children cross, there might be a late child crossing and it would be a terrible tragedy to have an injury to a child.”

A check with the Superior Court shows the fine for passing a school bus while running the red lights is six hundred and nineteen dollars. Officer Blancarte says the violation is also considered a moving violation and a point will go against the person’s license.

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