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Christmas Package Delays

A nationwide wave of late Christmas package deliveries hit Nevada County particularly hard this year.  Retailers such as Amazon and Walmart overloaded national delivery services UPS and Fedex amid unpredictable weather. Customers across the country were not pleased.
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Senator Richard Blumental of Connecticut saw no excuse for inadequate service on the part of national courier services, particularly UPS.
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US Postal Service spokesperson, Augustine Ruiz, sees no excuse for UPS and Fedex delays, citing that the Postal Service had a full plate this winter, but still got the job done.
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In Nevada County, delivery services working with Amazon and Walmart struggled to keep up.  A local employee for a national delivery service stated that her branch was able to deliver all packages by Christmas day, but were far overloaded due to unprecedented demand.

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December 29, 2013

Gary Cecil

USPS....got the job done...well,that's a matter of opinion. For us,the Nevada City post office was a bigger disappointment in service than FedEx and UPS has ever been and they don't even make an effort to deliver to our house. This is like a comparison of apples to oranges.

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