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Christmas Story Production to Benefit RSVP

The Retired & Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) is having a benefit production of “A Christmas Story” on Thursday, December 8th that will include champagne, appetizers, desserts and goodies with 100% of the proceeds to benefit our program which matches volunteers, many with highly technical skills such as grant writer.

“There is a gentleman that’s a retired robotics engineer that moved to our area and I placed him over in the applied physics class over at the high school. The police department in Grass Valley, I’d say 75% of their volunteers came through our program.”

That’s Julie Carrara the Volunteer Coordinator for RSVP and she says this fundraiser will help keep the 25 year program running in Nevada County since federal funds have been cut.

“All of our funding is federally. We do receive some funding for mileage reimbursement locally, but the rest of it is all federally. So we’ve had to cut 20% of the hours of the staff that we have here, and so that really impacts things for us. So the money that’s raised from that will basically help us to continue on.”

RSVP has over 550 active senior volunteers contributing 75,000 hours annually to local 75 area non-profits and public agencies, including schools, libraries, and police depts. Tickets are $30 each and include an hour of food and drink prior to the 7:00 pm show. The performance is at the Nevada Theater, 401 Broad Street, Nevada City. You can call RSVP at 530-271-0255 for tickets or Harmony Books | Nevada City The BookSeller | Grass Valley Briar Patch | Grass Valley Legacy Box Office | 530.268.5419 RSVP Office: 471 Sutton Way, #202, Grass Valley, 530.271.0255


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