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Christmas Travel Up This Year

With Christmas falling on a Wednesday, many travelers are getting ready to leave on a long vacation. Triple-A predicts close to 12-million Californians will be traveling during this end of the year holiday season. That’s a point-five (0.5) percent increase from last year. Spokeswoman Cynthia Harris says Triple-A estimates 10.4 million of those travelers are driving–a 1.1 percent increase from 2012…

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Because a lot of people are taking all of next week off from work, this (Friday) afternoon and tomorrow are expected to see the heaviest traffic. Harris says travel habits will be a little different from the Thanksgiving drive a month ago…

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An average West Coast trip is expected to cover 750 miles. Harris reminds people who are driving to make sure their vehicle is prepared–check tires and  windshield wipers.

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