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Citizens Group-County Officials Work on Marijuana Ordinance

A working group of citizens both for and against marijuana grows are holding meetings with the Nevada County Sheriff, District Attorney, and County Counsel to form an ordinance that would deal with some of the nuisance and safety issues that have been created by marijuana grows in the county.  Sheriff Keith Royal says he is gathering input from the group in hopes of having an ordinance ready to go before the county Board of Supervisors next month, before the growing season.  The advisory group is made up of North San Juan Property owners, Alta Sierra Homeowners Association, N-C-A-R-C-C which stands for Nevada County Against Rural Cannabis Cultivation, a marijuana grower and a nonprofit patients advocacy for medical users of marijuana.  The group was asked the number of plants and square footage of gardens they would like to see in residential or rural areas, what the setbacks should be and whether a residence on the parcel should be occupied. It’s likely that indoor grows would be banned but a set number of plants could be grown in pots inside. Sheriff Keith Royal says last year during growing season his office was receiving from 30 to 40 complaint calls a day.  Supervisor Ed Scofield says he received several calls from people in his district; in particular around an illegal grow on Annie Drive in Alta Sierra.

“Then really, this past year got more involved with specific issues; primarily the one down on Annie Drive in Alta Sierra and another one in a development just above where I live on Norlene. I could see that the quality of life, there were safety issues, confrontation issues. It became very clear that something needed to be done as far as the regulation of those grows.”

The Sheriff says he will draft the ordinance with help from the DA and County Counsel but the working group will have a final chance to weigh in on the contents. A public hearing will also be scheduled for the as yet undetermined day that the ordinance will be presented to the Board of Supervisors.

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