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City Council Approves Revised Courthouse Study

The Nevada City City Council unanimously approved a less expensive but equally powerful feasibility study for renovation of the Nevada County Courthouse. The original feasibility study was projected to cost $94,000 but the City could only contribute 30,000 and raised an additional $2,000 in donations. Council member Robert Bergman and City Manager Dave Brennan went to bat for the Courthouse Committee and was able to renegotiate a far less expensive contract that would provide Phase 1 for $32,000. Phase 1 is a per-engineering study of the existing 60,000 square foot courthouse building to see if there is enough integrity in the structure to go forward. According to committee member, Paul Matson, the architecture company selected for the contract has a strong reputation with the state.
Click here to listen to Paul Matson

Matson also listed the number of county organizations that support the renovation project.
County Court Executive Officer, Sean Matroka, was pleased the council approved the revised study.
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The Courthouse was taken off the build list and placed on an indefinitely postponed list by the State in 2012. With completion of the study, the City and Courthouse Committee hope the state will put it back on the build list.

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