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City Council Considers Newly Worded Behavior Ordinance

The Nevada City City council will be back in session after the holidays to hear the 2nd and perhaps reading of the municipal code regarding conduct on public property, commonly referred to as the loitering ordinance. Previous versions have been repealed after public reaction to the perceived heavy handedness of the ordinance. The wording of the new ordinance provides a warning process and and is not receiving the negative public reaction and according to vice Mayor Dwayne Starwser, will be implemented immediately if approved.

“The new behavioral ordinance, in theory, with the newly worded version that seems to be more acceptable to the people that were against the original should move forward tomorrow night. Once it’s voted on, immediately, then it’s up to us to make that issue to the local police department and let them understand and know that that’s what we want them to do, to enforce what we have now worded for them and given them a tool to use.”

The Nevada city, city council meeting is Wednesday at 6:30 pm at City Hall, 317 Broad Street in Nevada City.

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