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Co-Op Cops in Grass Valley and Nevada City

You may be seeing Grass Valley police cars patrolling the streets of Nevada City, and it could happen as early as next month. The two cities are discussing a deal designed to benefit both police departments. The deal, which  has to be approved by both city councils, would have Grass Valley police patrol Nevada City streets in the off-peak hours of 3am to 7am, and in exchange, a Nevada City detective will help investigate Grass Valley crimes. Grass Valley Police Chief John Foster says the agreement would greatly help his department.

Click here to listen to Police Chief John Foster

Nevada City benefits by getting extra patrols. There has been little opposition to the proposal, but Foster says he understands the philosophical differences between the two departments.

Click here to listen to Police Chief John Foster

The agreement would be for six months, and either department could back out of the deal at any time. The Grass Valley City Council will discuss it at its meeting tonight. The Nevada City City Council has the item on their agenda tomorrow.

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