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Coalition for a Drug Free Nevada County Holds Community Forum

The Coalition for a drug free Nevada County is hosting a community forum addressing issues and concerns with marijuana in our neighborhoods, schools and workplaces. A panel of professionals including Dr. Aaron Cleveland, and Nevada County District Attorney Cliff Newell will provide information, expertise and resources. Shelly Rogers with the coalition says there will be a questions and answer session covering a number of topics including cannabis grows ordinances in neighborhoods.

“Land use and legislations. There’s a local community organization Nevada County Against Residential Cannabis Cultivation whose done a lot of research and work on developing a new ordinance in the community. We also have a local business attorney that’s going to provide information on drug free workplace policy. We’ll have sample policies and information about drug screenings.”

The community forum is January 18th from 4 to 6pm at the Grass Valley United Methodist Church at 236 South Church Street in Grass Valley. For more information go to www.drugfreeNevadaCounty.org.

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