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Cold Weather Shelters May Open Tonight

With the weather turning cold, Nevada County’s homeless will be looking for a warm and dry place to spend the night. The Salvation Army is expected to be open several nights this week, but spokeswoman Sarah Eastberg says that decision is made in the afternoon.
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People can call the Salvation Army at 274-3500 after 4pm to get the information. Eastberg says the Salvation Army is also in need of donations.
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If you can help, you can drop off supplies at their office–10725 Alta Street in Grass Valley.

Tonight may also be the first time that the group Sierra Roots will house the homeless at the Veterans Building in Nevada City. After a heated City Council meeting last month, the council reluctantly voted to open the Veterans Building, but only in extreme weather, and only through January. Susan Malloy with Sierra Roots knows there will be some pressure on them when the weather is cold enough, and the doors are opened.
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The decision on if the Veterans building will be open to the homeless tonight, will also be made this afternoon.

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