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Comet Viewing In Auburn Tonight

If you look due west just after sunset for the next few nights, you may get to see a comet. Comet PanStarrs, which is named after the computerized telescope that discovered it, is making an extremely rare fly-by of planet Earth. Local astronomer Don Machholz, who has ten comet discoveries to his credit, says the viewing window to see PanStarrs is very narrow…

Listen to Don Machholz 1

You may be able to see it with the unaided eye, but Machholz says binoculars will help, and that’s only if it’s not cloudy. There will be a viewing party outside of Auburn this evening (Wednesday) at the Auburn Dam Overlook, weather permitting…

Listen to Don Machholz 2

The second half of the program will feature viewings of Jupiter and several stars. Machholz says if you miss PanStarrs, another comet, ISON, is scheduled to visit later this year in the morning sky, but according to universetoday.com, after PanStarrs passes, it won’t be back for another 106-thousand years.

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