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Communication Mishap Leads to Drug Arrest

A misaddressed text message to a local narcotics detective ended with the sender going to jail. Nevada County Lt Steve Tripp Friday afternoon a Nevada County detective received a text message asking if wanted to by some drugs.
Click here to listen to Lt. Steve Tripp

Mulligan,-JessieAs a result of a short text based conversation, a meeting to purchase a Fentynol patch was arranged and two suspects were contacted at the Nevada City Elks Lodge parking lot.
Click here to listen to Lt. Steve Tripp

Both Jessie Leanne Mulligan and Nicole Lanskey were booked into the Wayne Brown Correctional Facility.

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October 16, 2013


So, it will be obvious that people on drugs cannot think correctly when people on drugs get off drugs. Would like to know more about these people and where the operate and where the unsafe place are in Nevada County. Keep the public informed.

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