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Community Leach Field Considered for Cascade Shores

Nevada County is going back to the drawing board to fix problems with the Cascade Shores Wastewater Treatment plant.  The plant which serves 86 residences in the community is monitored by the state Water Quality Control Board,  and County Public Works Director Steve Castleberry says there is a problem with one element.

click here to listen to Steve Castleberry

Castleberry says the second problem with the plant is the high cost to run it.

click here to listen to Steve Castleberry
Cascade Shores residents  pay among the highest rates in the state at just under $3,000 a year to hook up to  the wastewater treatment plant.
This Tuesday the Nevada County Board of supervisors, sitting as the Sanitation Board,  will be asked to approve moving forward with the initial study to  build a community leach field in Cascade Shores that would eliminate the runoff issue and reduce costs considerably for residents that are hooked into the system.  The Cascade Shores Wastewater Treatment Plant currently costs about $300,000 per year to operate.  By comparison, a similarly sized community leachfield system in the Sanitation District’s North San Juan zone costs around   $45,000 per year to operate.

At tomorrow’s board meeting Supervisors will also present  r the 2013 Employee Recognition Program awards to 93 employees  in 6 categories: Employee of the year, Creative employee of the year, Enthusiastic employee of the year , Dedicated employee of the year, Supervisors of the year, Team of the year and Safety Champion.

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