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Compassionate Community Supports Local Hero’s Family

The Penn Valley and surrounding communities continue to fly their compassionate colors as they raise funds to support the local family of wounded soldier US Army Spc. Brandon Walden. Walden, injured in Afghanistan during a surprise shooting attack on his squad, is recovering in a Texas military hospital. The incident occurred on July 3rd. Walden suffered a gunshot wound to the hip which led to internal injuries and infections.
Walden’s recovery is challenging, but his attitude is good. With the bedside support of his mother, Linda Cummings, Walden faces the physical pain and psychological challenges of recovery with the same courage and conviction as a soldier going into battle. Walden is not a quitter. He is showing improvement every day.
Funds raised through local efforts including a benefit dinner, donation jars in local businesses, and other donations are being used to offset Cummings’ family expenses while she assists her son in Texas.
Before enlisting in the military, Walden completed his elementary education in the Ready Springs School District and graduated from the Nevada Joint Union High School system.

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