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Congratulations Chief Ray

Many people may have thought it was a major incident when they saw the lights and heard the sirens of multiple emergency vehicles heading up the freeway. After 39 and a half years of service to Nevada County, today is the last day of work for Nevada County Consolidated Fire Chief David Ray.

Just before 4:30 this afternoon Chief Ray received a lights and siren escort home. Fire engines lined the bridges on the Golden Center Freeway between the Consolidated Offices on McCourtney Rd and  Chief Ray’s home in Nevada City. Tones and a final dispatch were sounded for the Chief.

The dispatch listed the numerous accomplishments and contributions Ray made to Nevada County Firefighting agencies… here is the end of the last thank you and Chief Ray’s final sign off
Click here for longer version of Dispatch
Click here for shorter version of Dispatch

Congratulations Chief Ray…. and thank you for all of your years of service.

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