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Consolidated Chief Wants to Improve Relationships

The new head of the Nevada County Consolidated Fire Department says he sees the need for both the N-C-C-F-D and the Grass Valley Fire Department to have the same chief…

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Adolph Zubia says both departments need one boss, one vision, and one direction. Zubia was selected as the department’s new chief in July, and has been on the job just over a month now. He says another thing he would like to accomplish is to improve the relationships with the Grass Valley and Nevada City departments, which have a Joint Operating Agreement with Consolidated, and also improve Consolidated’s relationship with CalFire…

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Zubia replaces Keith Grueneberg who resigned as chief in March, but is still on Consolidated’s Board of Directors. There’s an effort to recall Grueneberg from the board, but Zubia says he doesn’t have any control over that…

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Zubia was the fire chief in Las Cruces, New Mexico, and most recently the state fire marshal of South Carolina, before accepting this position, and moving to Nevada County.

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