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Consolidated Dispatch Approved by Board of Supervisors

Nevada County Supervisors today authorized execution of an agreement between the County of Nevada , the cities of City of Nevada City and  Grass Valley,  and the Town of Truckee to provide Public Safety Dispatch services.  Sheriff Keith Royal told supervisors It was a struggle to find common ground so that all departments would benefit,  and he applauds all four police agencies for eventually coming together.
Click here to listen to Sheriff Keith Royal

The Sheriff says  consolidation will generate some $600,000 in savings and will allow his office to keep open the Jail in Truckee which is used by multiple agencies. He says consolidated dispatch  will also improve officer safety and service to the community because everyone will be on the same frequency they;ll hear whats going on and when they hear a crisis occur  in another jurisdiction, officers  will be able to respond faster.

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