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Consolidation Talks Proceed With Caution

Consolidation talks continued Wednesday evening between the Grass Valley and Nevada City Elementary School District Board Members. The meeting was facilitated by the Nevada County Superintendent of Schools, Holly Hermansen. Hermansen reviewed the consolidation process with both boards highlighting the reasons districts should consolidate and the multiple steps required to complete a consolidation. Grass Valley School Board President, Paula Roediger, says that even with the information collected at two earlier combined meetings and independent work done by each district, neither district is ready to pull the trigger yet.

Click here to listen to GV Board President, Paula Roediger

Next steps include gathering more information and Roediger and Nevada City Board President, Paula Campbell, working together to reformat existing information so that it can be shared with the public.
Click here to listen to Paula Roediger

The next public meeting regarding consolidation is scheduled for January 23.

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