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Conspiracy and Fraud Case Gets Continued

In a rather matter of fact atmosphere Monday afternoon, Judge Candace Heidelberger heard arguments from Attorney David Alkire and Deputy Attorney General, Maggy Krell regarding a continuance of the case of Ellen Lester’s involvement in alleged fraud and conspiracy activity with her husband Phil Lester, sister-in-law Susan Laferte, and associate Jon Blinder. Ellen Lester had not waived her right to a trial within 60 days of her arraignment and the two week request for a continuance is butting up against the deadline. No objection was provided by the Deputy Attorney General, but Ms Krell did go on record stating that she believes that comments made against her regarding her inability to provide discovery in a timely manner were unfounded and not true. Judge Heidelberger continued to express her desire for council on both sides to meet and confer to facilitate the process. Heidelberger did continue Ellen Lester’s case to November 20. Deputy Attorney General Krell agreed to provide a list of exhibits she will be using on November 20 to Mr. Alkire by November 15. Ellen Lester has only been implicated in two of the sixty-six counts filed in the compliant.
All four deendant’s have now had their cases continued which vacated the original November 6 date set for a preliminary hearing for the defendants in the case involving Gold Country Lenders and associates.

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