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Controlled Burn in Foresthill Area

The American River Ranger District will be conducting an under-burn about 6 miles west of French Meadows Reservoir, in the Last Chance area.  The plan is to burn up to 210 acres of the Last Chance Under-burn Wednesday, continuing on Thursday if conditions are favorable until the goal of 210 acres is met. District Ranger Chris Fischer says the area had been covered in snow and they were waiting for some of it to melt so the burn would carry.

Click here to listen to Chris Fischer

This under-burn is designed to improve wildlife habitat and reduce fuels that contribute to the risk of future catastrophic wildfire.

Fire management personnel will be working with the Redding Fire Weather Center and Placer County Air Pollution Control District to manage possible smoke impacts to local communities.  While burning is planned to minimize smoke impacts, some smoke may settle into the valleys during the evenings and mornings until atmospheric conditions allow for smoke dispersal. There may be smoke across Mosquito Ridge Road and other roads in the area so please stay alert for any signs warning of the activity, turn on headlights, and watch for personnel.

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