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Convicted Murderer Could Face Local Charges

A man convicted of murder in the Bay Area could still possibly face more charges in Nevada County. This week, a Marin County jury found 79 year-old Joseph Naso guilty of killing four women between 1977 and 1994 and dumping two of the bodies in Yuba County, and the others in Marin and Contra Costa Counties. Naso, however, is suspected of killing a total of ten women, including Sara Dylan, whose skull was recovered along Highway 20 in 1992. Nevada County District Attorney Cliff Newell says it’s still to be determined if Naso’s case involves Nevada County…

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Dylan’s real name was Renee Shapiro, but changed it because she was a follower of Bob Dylan, and traveled around the country to attend his shows. D-N-A confirmation that the skull was Dylan’s came back too late to add a murder charge to Naso’s Marin County trial. Naso could get the death penalty, which would eliminate the need for another murder trial, but Newell could pursue charges if Naso is not sentenced to die…

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Newell says the cost of a murder trial can run in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. The penalty phase of Naso’s Marin County trial is scheduled to begin September 4.

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