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Copper Thieves Hit Cal-Trans

Copper thieves are doing thousands of dollars in damage and creating costly repairs when they vandalize equipment for its copper.   Copper is taken in order to sell it to re cyclers who pay a premium these days. In addition to various businesses, and even churches being vandalized by copper thieves, Cal Trans is suffering from the trend. Mark Dinger says crews are reporting damage from copper thieves throughout the state.

“That’s a pretty common thing, unfortunately, as a department, we’re having a rash of it too. Especially when it comes to things like ramp meters, lighting, landscaping, and sometimes they’re stealing it faster than we can replace it. In fact, they’re waiting for us to replace it so they can steal it.”

The latest suspected vandalism was discovered just yesterday (Thursday) near Broad Street in Nevada City where vandals damaged wiring for lighting in the area. 

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