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CoRR Hope House on Schedule

The new Center for Hope, the comprehensive wellness center that will provide a complete care for those with substance abuse, and related behavioral health issues, under construction at the corner of East Main and Sierra College in Grass Valley, is on schedule for its mid 2012 opening, after reaching an important mile stone recently. Ariel King Lovett, with community Recovery Resources say they poured the pavement on schedule.

“They had a really aggressive schedule and have done an amazing job organizing about 40 local contractors into keeping that schedule and I know that a huge milestone was being able to get the pavement down, holding that up to delay the entire project, so they were really focused on that milestone. I think we all breathed a sigh of relief when that did occur on time and yeah, it’s looking beautiful.”

The Center for Hope promotes wellness and recovery through a full range of prevention, treatment and aftercare services. The campus-style facility is comprised of 37,000 square feet on a three-acre site. The environmentally-friendly facility will include an outpatient center with childcare and preschool, a fitness center and space for alternative therapies, and residential and transitional housing for individuals and families. Other features include organic gardens and playground, and a new public transit bus stop at the Center for Hope at Sierra College Drive. 

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