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CoRR Receives 5 Year Grant

The coalition for a Drug Free Nevada County has been awarded a $625 thousand dollar, 5-year grant from the Federal Drug Free communities program to continue their drug abuse prevention work in the area. Arial King Lovett with Community Recovery Resources, who wrote the new grant, explains that the last 5 year grant had run out and this was like starting over.

“You get a grant for five years, and then based on good performance, you get re-awarded every year without competing. When you go into your sixth year, you’re allowed to apply again, but you’re in competition with everyone including first year grantees. So it’s back to the starting gate, really. It is the same coalition, the same work and the same funding source, so while it’s a continuation grant, it’s also new, competitive funding.”

The grant will continue prevention programs targeted at youth to reduce abuse of prescription drugs, Marijuana and alcohol abuse.


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