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Council Considers Lower-Cost Courthouse Study

Despite falling well short in fundraising efforts, Nevada City has found a way to use the money they have to fund a study for renovating the county courthouse. After being taken off the state’s list for new courthouses in 2012, Nevada City has tried to raise 90-thousand dollars to fund a feasibility study to determine if they can renovate the current courthouse, which was built in the 1800s. The city allocated 30-thousand dollars for the study, and only two thousand dollars has been raised privately. City Manager Dave Brennan says he’s been able to work a deal for 32-thousand…

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The reduced-cost study could also determine if the courthouse could be usable during reconstruction. Brennan says if that all works, then they’ll figure out what to do next…

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Brennan says the state would be more likely to commit money to the project if it’s a renovation instead of an entirely new courthouse. He will recommend the cheaper study to the City Council for approval tonight. Tonight’s meeting is at 6:30 at City Hall.

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