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Counseling Offered to Classmates of Drowned Boy

Nevada City School District in response to the loss of a Seven Hills  Middle School Student   is offering their heartfelt condolences to family and friends.  12-year-old Keegan Carovich  got caught up in currents and drowned in the South Yuba River last Saturday while he was at the river with family and friends.   To help  students and staff cope with this loss, 2 counseling sessions have been scheduled.  Nevada City School Board of Trustees President, Michael Hill Weld,  says the first session will be during the afternoon of July 11TH.  The second counseling session will be offered during the afternoon of August 12th.

click to hear Michael Hill-Weld
Both sessions will be at the Seven Hills school.
Counseling will be provided by district and County Behavioral Health staff.
They  invite students, parents and staff to attend either or both of these sessions.

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