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County Adopts New Fiscal Year 2014-2015 Budget

Nevada County has a new Budget for the next fiscal year. County CEO Rick Haffey says it was adopted unanimously in a special session of the Board of supervisors this morning.

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Most of the county budget comes from the state and federal government, but Haffey says there was a slight increase in property tax dollars in the county.
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The slight uptick in property tax revenue will allow the county to do away with furlow days that were imposed on 8 days in the previous budget year. the County employee count is up to 782 which includes 9 temporary and full time positions for implementation of the Affordable Care Act.
Supervisors also decided to direct some of the prop 172 public Safety funds to Fire Districts.
Click here to listen to Rick Haffey

Overall there is a 9 percent increase in the new budget which takes into account funding for programs like AB109 and other Heath and Human Services programs that have been realigned from the state to counties.
Reserves are up and the county new has $2 million extra dollars to put into the PERS retirement fund. Haffey says people are living longer therefore are having their pensions longer so the county has to pay for that.

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