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County Adopts Outdoor Event Ordinance

Nevada County has a new Outdoor Festival Ordinance. After four months of wrangling back and forth on what should and should not be in it, supervisors voted unanimously to adopt the ordinance with some minor amendments.  Supervisor Hank Weston was on the committee with Supervisor Richard Anderson to come up with something agreeable to most people. Weston wanted to make clear that many events will not require a permit.*

Listen to Hank Weston

In cases where no permit is required, the ordinance does suggest that people should be a good neighbor and notifiy area residents if they are planning an outdoor event. Beason, in an exchange with County Counsel Allison Barrett Green, clarified the status for home parties.*

Listen to Nate Beason

The ordinance would apply to all outdoor events in the unincorporated area of the County and would require Commercial Outdoor Events, typically where money is exchanged, to obtain a permit, unless the event qualifies for an exemption.  Each property owner would be limited to 4 permits per year. 501-C3 and  501-C4 organizations would not be required to get a permit.

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