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County to Amend Marijuana Cultivation Ordinance

Nevada County Legal Counsel has prepared some amendments to clarify the intent of the County’s Marijuana Cultivation Ordinance .  Assistant County Counsel Marcos Kropf says one change clarifies permitting qualified patients and primary caregivers to cultivate as part of a collective without having to live on the property where the cultivation takes place.
click to hear Marcos Kropf

Kropf explains the changes proposed in the amendment.
click to hear Marcos Kropf
Other minor changes  clean-up some inconsistencies regarding who is responsible for setting up appeal hearings.  Under the changes the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors  will   take requests for appeals and set hearing dates.   Between 30 and 40 appeal hearings were conducted in the past growing season.  The  technical amendments to the County’s Marijuana Cultivation Ordinance  are tentatively  set for  the March 26,  Board of Supervisors  meeting for review.    The Nevada County Sheriff’s Office remains  responsible for enforcing the ordinance.

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