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County Approves 20 Year Contract with Waste Management

Nevada County today approved a new 20 year contract with Waste Management to take over operations at the McCourtney Road Transfer Station under a contract that the county claims will bring better service, lower rates and cleaner running waste pickup vehicles to the county.  Bob Elder is the Solid Waste Program Manager for the county and says Waste Management will continue to provide curbside recycling and trash collection, but primarily will take over the operation of the transfer station and be responsible for the county meeting its goal of recycling 75 percent of all waste collected in the county.

“That’s really the big driver in all of this. How are we going to get to 75%? We felt that we needed to incorporate the help of the experts to maybe include some capital improvements- facilities to be able to extract more recycling from the waste stream.”

The county will also collect more money in Franchise fees and host fees.  That is Waste Management’s recognition that the county still owns the transfer station and will have to pay user fees.

“Our current revenue under the current franchise is a little over $300,000 per year. That will go up almost five fold.”

Waste Management will also be “greening the fleet” by bringing on all new trash collection vehicles that run on clean compressed natural gas instead of diesel. As a result of the new contract Elder says residential customers should see a decrease in rates and commercial customer rates will stay about the same but they will no longer have to pay for recycling.

The new contract with Waste Management takes effect July 1st 2012.

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