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County Approves Helicopter Assistance for Narcotics Task Force

After working nine years as an investigator with the Nevada County Sheriff’s Narcotics task Force, Sgt. Bill Smethers says helicopters are a vital tool to the suppression of Mexican Drug trafficking organizations that are growing cannabis in the rural areas of Nevada County.

 Sgt. Smethers joined Sheriff Keith Royal at the Board of Supervisors yesterday explaining why the department will spend more money on a helicopter contract this year. He explained to supervisor Ted Owens that the so called Prop 215 prescription marijuana gardens are getting much bigger.

“We’re actually starting to see a lot of recommendations being issued by local doctors for 99 plants and 19 pounds of processed marijuana for one patient. My understanding is that the price of marijuana in Nevada County is deflated because there are so many people growing right now. It’s $1,300 to $1,500 a pound right now. Back east, it’s five to seven thousand per pound.”

The county approved a contract with a helicopter company to assist the narcotics task force the funds coming from the federal grant.

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